Welcome to Enopoggio

Artisan wisdom in step with technology

Leader for 30 years in the production of rinsers, blowers and inspectors, Enopoggio srl now supports its products with the new range of cappers to offer the customer an increasingly service complete and a partner to rely on in everyday challenges.

Our wise ability artisan has evolved evolved over the years into a reality dynamic and flexible industrial, capable of accommodating and solving even the most difficult problems complex of its customers.

The machines, created to help wine producers, with the growing demand and need for greater attention to the product bottling process, have been perfected to work in all the sectors .

To date, in addition to the world of wine, our machines are used in the food filling sector for beverages in general, from oil to chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Solution producers

Machine engineering managed in close contact with the customer, customizing the product and integrating the best technical solutions.

Cutting-edge products

Continuous improvement of the machines with a view to an ever wider employment, able to work in various sectors.

Assistance service

Original spare parts for all machines, specialized technicians for telephone support, inspections and on-site maintenance and overhaul interventions.

For all your requests send an e-mail to info@enopoggio.com or contact us at +39 0141822426


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