Our cappers are made of stainless steel and plastics materials FDA certified, characterized by a reduced need for lubrication, lines designed for easy and complete cleaning with the major chemical agents on the market and easy-to-manage and quick change formats.
Our cappers are available in both free standing and turret version, easily adaptable to the various insertion features on new or existing production lines; The design flexibility allows us to assist you even where there is a need for dedicated solutions, defining the machine as needed.
All machines and turrets can be equipped with the most different solutions through the adoption of different sorting caps systems, caps feeding solutions to the hopper such as lifts and tapes
The heads are projected in light version in such a way to minimize the impact between the threads during thr screwing phase; their ergonomic shape features for the total elimination of stagnation zones and allows its use in all conditions, providing a pair of closure repetitive and constant.
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